Fruit and Veg Cake

Fruit and Veg Cake

This cake is a cake that will tolerate no arguments. It is what it is and is proud. It is a no nonsense cake, accept me or move on cake with a layer of creamy sweet deliciousness on top. What it isn't is a light and feathery cake. Carrot, cherries, parsnips, raisins and banana combine in the best of ways to give something that is so moist you wouldn't believe it with the squidgy texture you expect from a banana bread. It's also very forgiving. I made this particular one when I was so very tired but needed to do something I enjoyed and hence I wasn't really paying attention and eneded up melting half of my butter instead of softening it. I couldn't be bothered to wait for it to firm back up so I scraped it into the bowl and got on with the creaming anyway. It still worked like a dream. I truly think I might be in love with this cake.

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