Frosty Mornings

Frosty Mornings

The last two school runs have seen us out in glorious sunshine as a couple of frosty mornings have come our way. The Cheetah Keeper has also taken to getting up at some hideous hour and as such we’re all up, dressed and ready to rumble way before any ‘normal’ time for school. So, as I let my tea cool a little and before I tried to get my toast in my mouth and not down my jumper, I headed out into the garden with the macro lenses, again.

There is so much growing now – despite the cold mornings. My pot of daffodils has gone from one tentative bud 2 weeks ago to a riot of colour that never fails to make me smile. The Cheetah Keeper likes the idea that they are older than he is – I planted the bulbs with his sister when I was pregnant with him and despite being very cheap bulbs, they’re doing brilliantly. Around the garden other things are growing well (as usual, click on any picture to open the gallery

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