Frosted Snowflake Craft For Kids

Frosted Snowflake Craft For Kids - My Little 3 and Me

I love snow play with the kiddies, from simple snowball fights, to looking at animal tracks, to building igloos and painting snow creatures. It’s all great in my book and I probably love it so much because it’s always a fleeting experience here in the Midlands. If I had to endure snow for a longer swathe of time then my enthusiasm might well start to wane!

I’ve been having a bit of a bathroom cupboard clean out this week and came across an old pot of Foot Salts. This salt has a lovely  coarse texture and a light blue tint to it and it just made me think frost, snow and all things cold. It was definitely crying out to be crafted with and we came up with these gorgeous frosted snowflakes that we’ve now got hanging in our windows.

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