Frosted marmalade cake

52 Cookbooks #25: Frosted marmalade cake

It's been a few weeks since I baked a cake and both MOH and I have been fancying something sweet once we've finished our evening meal. Mostly we've settled for fruit or yogurt ...or ice cream, but it seemed like it was time to bake a cake. So I have.

This week I've moved onto the first of my Nigel Slater stash of books, and there are quite a few!

This was the first though, and it's a great book - it's the type of book that you could read and admire even if you weren't a cook.

It's laid out in a diary style - well it is called "the kitchen diaries" - with narrative and usually at least one recipe a day.

This was a Christmas present a good few years back and since then I've been a Nigel fan (...hence buying every other Nigel Slater book Amazon sold!)

However I was surprised to read in the intro to this recipe that Nigel "as a rule" doesn't like icing. How very peculiar, but despite this I think I'll remain a fan!

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