Fromage Friday: Mimolette

Fromage Friday: Mimolette (the cheese with 'fleas')

I’ve been eating a lot of British cheese recently as there’s so much to discover on my own doorstep and so many great stories behind our cheeses that I hadn’t felt the urge to stray very far afield. But there’s one cheese I keep hearing about that’s causing such a ruckus at the moment that I felt compelled to check it out. And that cheese is mimolette.

The BBC reported this week that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) described mimolette as consisting ‘in whole or in part of a filthy, putrid or decomposed substance or be otherwise unfit for food.’ They’ve ordered a blockade on the cheese and about 1.5 tonnes is currently being held in a warehouse in New Jersey. The cheese has been imported into the US for more than 20 years but, as anyone who’s tried to complete a visa application for the States knows, it ain’t so easy to get in these days and thus poor mimolette is lost in transit. American foodies are predictably furious; there’s even a Facebook page – ‘Save the mimolette’ – with more than 4,500 outraged members.

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