Friday's Kitchen: Ginger Beer Coolers

Friday's Kitchen: Ginger Beer Coolers

At the risk of being hounded by the vast majority of sun-worshippers, I have to say I'm not massively enjoying this heatwave! I'm very much an Autumn and Winter girl, the clothes, the leaves, the snow and, of course, Christmas. Holidays in the past have consisted of scraping pathetic hour-long sunbathing sessions before needing to slope off into the shade and recover. Plus it doesn't suit my wannabe-Dita skin!

Needless to say, it looks like Summer is well and truly here and I've been experimenting with cooling drinks to help me cope with this heat! Introducing my very own Ginger Beer Cooler...

I love ginger and I love spice. During the early stages of my pregnancy, I was guzzling Old Jamaica by the gallon and munching on ginger nuts like there was no tomorrow. This homemade ginger beer recipe has a strong ginger kick mixed with a sweet and sharp lemonade taste. Perfect for an afternoon BBQ or a lazy picnic.

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