Friday's Kitchen Frugal Fall: Butternut Squash Witch's Hat

Friday's Kitchen Frugal Fall: Butternut Squash Witch's Hat

I don't know about you, but I quite enjoy finding interesting things to do with left overs, in my home cooking! At the end of our week, when we are hanging on to do our next 'big shop', we always have little bits and pieces hanging around the kitchen, starting to turn and are in need of using up.

I love putting risottos and pasta bakes together from all my left overs. BUT this week, I tried using one of my favourite seasonal vegetables - Butternut Squash (which are in season from around September), to create something a little bit different! So I gathered what I had and I made this rustic treat; the Butternut Squash Witch's Hat!

This delightful dinner is best slow cooked for extra flavour and will work with almost anything you have in the fridge, roasted. I've put together a list of ingredients that I had left and I bought these small butternut squashes for £1 each from my local greengrocer - so a frugal and fabulous fall it is indeed!

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