Friday book review – The Queen’s Hat by Steve Antony

Friday book review – The Queen’s Hat by Steve Antony

If you’re looking for a gorgeous new picture book for a small child look no further.

The Queen’s Hat by Steve Anthony has everything you want in a book – enchanting illustrations and a story that’s full of fun.

This is Steve Antony’s first book and there’s no doubt that he’s an author and illustrator to watch.

The star of the story is the Queen, who’re we told, is on her way to visit “someone very special” when a gust of wind whisks her hat off her head and through the streets of London. As she races to catch it, with corgis and bearskinned guards in hot pursuit, she dashes past some of the capital’s most iconic attractions – from Trafalgar Square and Tower Bridge to Big Ben and the London Eye.

The author got the idea back in 2011, after spotting a newspaper picture of the Queen...

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