French onion tart

52 Cookbooks #26: French onion tart

A twist on a French Pissaladière, and the twist is that this one is on a spelt pastry base. The recipe is from the third Leon cookbook by Claire Ptak and Henry Dimbleby, titled Baking & Puddings.

Yes - to be contrary I'm not cooking anything sweet from this book*, I'm cooking a savoury recipe.

Usually pastry is MOH's domain but I thought I'd give it a go...

The recipe gives instructions for making the spelt pastry by hand and says to cut in the butter leaving it in larger chunks for flakier pastry.

Well that's good advice re the flakiness - it says to leave them the size of a garlic clove - but I'm pretty sure the Pulse button on my food processor is there for a reason...

And one of those reasons is pastry. Yeap, step 1 and I've already diversified...

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