Freedom with shackles of employment

Freedom with shackles of employment

I always thought I wanted to be a stay at home Dad until I got the chance to be one. That was when I found out that going out to work gave me a good escape from a lot of problems encountered by hanging around at home. But is it fair to say that these problems relate to being a stay at home Dad?

In one of my recent posts I wrote about my feelings regarding being a stay at home Dad. Now I realise I’d got it all wrong; I’d written about being unemployed and being ‘forced’ to stay at home, and not about choosing to give up the shackles of paid employment and to actively stay at home with my family.

OK I talk about shackles, but in actual truth I like working. I like stretching my mind and doing something with it. And I think it helps me to relax more when I'm at home with my girls.

And as I realised this morning, being out of the house will get me away from all the crap that goes with staying at home all week...

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