I have my independence back! Freedom is mine (well, sort of). After 6 weeks in plaster, I have my arm back – admittedly with not a great deal of movement and a fair bit of swelling – but I can drive, wash without my arm in a binbag and type with both hands. I happened to be talking yesterday with Laura from Tired Mummy of Two about what would happen if the cast did, or didn’t come off. The answer was simple, I would come home, run Brownies, probably have a gin and then get up this morning and make a plan to make the most of the summer holidays in whatever way we could. This holiday (if the cast came off or not) was about getting out there and doing stuff, not sitting at home feeling restricted by our health conditions. Accentuate the positive and all that jazz….

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It's Been a Slow Week #WeekendSmile {24}

Gnocchi with lemon, chive and pine-nut pesto