Four ways to enjoy a Genius Fruit Loaf...

Four ways to enjoy a Genius Fruit Loaf...

As a Coeliac, keeping a varied and exciting diet is sometimes a hassle. Discovering new foods can be tricky and expensive. You tend to stick to meals that you know work and that are cost effective. Take my sausages for example, you are looking at just over £3 for six sausages, so I freeze them in batches of two to make them stretch further. Just this weekend, I spent over £10.00 solely on a packet of gluten free crumpets, a pancake mix, pasta and some cereal bars. Living a gluten free life can sometimes cost you more than just a healthy tummy.

It takes some planning to ensure that you're diet is varied. So when Genius very kindly sent me their yummy Sliced Spiced Fruit Loaf to try out, I thought I would spice (see what I did there?) things up a little and try out a few different ways to enjoy their amazing new product. Thank you Genius!

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