Fountain of Health

Fountain of Health

To me, water equals life. Without water we wouldn't really be able to grow anything! As some of you may know, how hydrated you are affects your health, the shininess of your hair and softness of your skin! However, it seems to me that not many people know the full benefits of drinking water and how quickly or drastically a lack of water can affect you.

A perfect example of this was during the summer when my sister and I were caring for our sunflower. We were supposed to water it everyday before heading out to do whatever activity that we had in store, but eventually we started slacking off. Two days later we go check on our beloved sunflower again, only to find that the petals were wilting and the leaves weren't as green as before. Of course, we scrambled around getting water so that our flower wouldn't die and then left to go swimming. Three hours later, we get back to find the flower looking healthier than it was before!

So here are a few benefits of water and how to incorporate drinking more of it into your every day lives!

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