Formex S/S 2014 Gold Skulls & Trendzones

Formex S/S 2014 Gold Skulls & Trendzones

well.. I just finished the week of Formex. It's Scandinavia's biggest gifts and interiors tradeshow and I do it every year, sometimes twice. This year was the biggest stand I ever had and the biggest positive response from the universe! There was a huge trendzone in the lobby and the first thing you saw when you entered the building was lots of my stuff! then you walked along for about 2 seconds and there was even more of my stuff! This show was also special because I teamed up with the very talented upholsters and furniture designers at BVNStandar design and they made all these antique chairs and sofas look super fab with my range of new fabrics. My stand looked very luxurious with masses of gold and exclusive furniture and to be honest, I can't say what anything else was like because I never got a chance to look around. To give the idea how busy I was, it took me a whole hour to eat a bit of chocolate cake, a mouthful between each customer… and I can tell you, it takes a lot to keep me away from cake!

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