Forest Holidays - The Kids Start Packing

Forest Holidays - The Kids Start Packing........ - kidGLloves

Greetings to all our awesome GL Gang members. OKAAAYYYY! We are so mega excited. It’s a bit of a ‘wet-your-pants-wag-your-tail-shoot-the-Mother-in-the-boobs-with-NERF-bullets’ type of excitement. On Friday me, Grace and Ash are going away on holiday together. We’re being very kind and allowing the Big People to join us but they’ve been warned that they have to behave themselves and not embarrass us in any way. We’ve been invited to Deer Park by the totally mega cool people of Forest Holidays and we know that we’re going to have a blinkin’ awesome time. When we back home you can bet your last packet of Haribo that we’ll be blogging the doo-doo out of it. We’ve been very busy over the last couple of days planning our suitcases so we thought we’d share with you our packing lists, before the Mother’s rifle through our suitcases and change it all!

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