Forcing children to kiss relatives IS harmful (so there!)

Forcing children to kiss relatives IS harmful (so there!)

It is funny when someone says something in the newspaper that is clearly 100% reasonable and then you read the comments on it and realise that 100% of the rest of humankind think it is unreasonable.

Today it was Lucy Emmerson, of the Sex Education Forum, who suggested that children shouldn’t be forced to kiss relatives as it’s important for children to learn that their bodies are their own.

I read the article and thought “Yep, er, no brainer. If we respect a child’s body, they will learn to respect it and will understand when someone isn’t respecting it. Always good to reiterate it.” And then, in a blatant and outrageous breaking of the Number One Rule for Calm Internet Use, scrolled through the comments and I was completely gobsmacked.

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