Foraged Wild Cherry Clafoutis

Foraged Wild Cherry Clafoutis

Finally a chance for a decent bit of urban foraging! This week I spotted a cherry tree in a local car park, literally dripping with jewel red cherries. We picked and feasted on a few the other night and today I went back with Ruby, armed with a basket.

Unusually for me, I decided to do the proper thing and I sought out the Duty Manager of the facility to ask permission - to be fair I probably wouldn't have bothered if I were on my own or was there at a quiet time, but this was the middle of the afternoon with lots of people coming and going and I couldn't face the humiliation of being told off at a place we frequent on a weekly basis!

Well, what a palaver! Clearly he was on health and safety over-drive and tried telling me they weren't edible (they are); they weren't ripe yet (they are falling off the tree); they don't taste nice (they do!), and finally they don't recommend it. What does that mean??!

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