Food, glorious food

Food, glorious food

One of the things that I would like to do this year is to take a good look at what our family is eating and make a few changes. As a general rule, we don't eat too badly - I cook from scratch most nights, we don't eat much red meat (none at all in my husband's case as he went veggie last year), we eat home-grown organic veg and I try to limit the amount of junk that we consume.

Having said that, there's always room for improvement. The food that I ate on my retreat was vegetarian and prepared with little or no sugar, and although I expected massive withdrawal symptoms as I have quite a sweet tooth, I felt instead as though I was bursting with energy. Now, well into the first week back to school, back on our usual diet and still finishing off the Christmas chocolates, I'm ready to crawl into bed and sleep at every possible opportunity! It's got me thinking that although I don't want to change to the diet I had whilst I was away, there has to be a significant connection between how I'm feeling and what I'm eating.

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