Food fight & cook with kids promise

Food fight & cook with kids promise

Isabelle and I enjoyed an exciting trip to London. A day of making pizzas, decorating cup cakes and all the kids got involved in a huge food fight. Let’s just say things got very messy. This was a fantastic event all thank to Persil the dishwash event and their cook with the kids promise. The cook with kids promise is aimed at getting parents and children to spend more time in the kitchen baking and making a mess. Most kids love to cook, it’s hands on, messy and there’s plenty of room for creativity. Cooking with your children is made easy thank to Persils new and improved washing up liquid. Persil’s new and improved formula cleans 1400 more dishes than before, this helps deliver sparkling results every time with less effort. Parents can now sign up to Persil’s cook with the kids promise through Persil’s website. After signing up, you can download a handy PDF, containing everything you need you and your children need to spend more time baking and making a mess in the kitchen. Isabelle and Scarlett love baking and we aim to do a lot more cooking in the kitchen from now on.

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