Food and Autism.

Food and Autism.

Food and Autism. I write about autism, I write about food. Today I decided to write about both.


Well, let me tell you!

I've always been lucky that RJ doesn't really have food issues. He doesn't like spicy food, but I think that's just because he doesn't like spicy food.....(If you know what I mean). He would practically live off bread, if I allowed it. He can eat a roast dinner and gravy with lightning speed, but again, that's nothing to do with issues, he just loves a good cooked dinner! 

Little A is a whole different kettle of fish...........except he won't eat fish! HA! In fact he eats very little of anything. I will give you an idea of his daily diet, it's practically the same every day: Breakfast: cereal bar and a cup of milk Lunch: Chocolate sandwich, kit kat, and a packet of red or stinky orange (wotsits) crisps Dinner/Tea: Chips/Waffles and nuggets Snacks: More crisps or biscuits. Rarely, a very odd thing, salted popcorn. Then, very rarely, a banana or 3.

That is pretty much the same every. single. day.

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