Fondant Fancies Cupcakes

Fondant Fancies Cupcakes I've loved these, as have many people, since childhood. When we opened a box for a family tea time, predominantly the pink ones were mine, the yellow ones were my brother Christoper's and the brown ones were Mum's. I don't remember which my oldest brother Richard or Dad had, I suppsose they had to make do with what was left but I do remember hoping that there would be a pink one leftover so I could have a second helping! Nowadays my favourite is the brown ones (more chocolately) but I still have a special loyalty for those little pink cakes so there was no other option for the colouring of these cupcake versions.

So here it is, a little bit of childhood reminiscence for grown ups. There has to be something good about adulthood an this is it. All the fun memories and stickiness of the original but in a larger size means the appearance of sophistication but with more cake!

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