Flying with kids

Flying with kids

We’re gearing up for our Summer Holidays over at Mumsnet Reading HQ and whilst the thrill of a holiday fills me with excitement, two things are lurching in my stomach with dread. 1, the dreaded baring the body in a swimming costume and 2. The flight. With kids. For 3 hours. Acch.

So in preparation I’ve googled, searched and asked about for the top tips other parents have for travelling with little ones and these were the top 5 I could find:

The first is a preparation one, the first passport. We’ve had no end of a nightmare getting my Youngest’s first passport organised. We did check and send with over the double time allocation and still we found ourselves 10 days before travel, ringing and pleading to get on the fast track service as they hadn’t even examined the documents after having the paperwork in their office for 8 weeks. Many stressful calls and finally a call directly with the Durham office and we are sorted. Phew. So if you can, put in for the first passport the day you even consider booking a holiday, they are backed up to the max in the passport office currently it seems.

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