Flower Power

Flower Power

OK, so it was -3ºC when I took Tom to the bus stop this morning but the sun is now shining and it will soon warm up (she writes hopefully), after all it is March and Spring and there are wild flowers EVERYWHERE.

One of the things that I love about living in Normandy is the fact there are so many wild flowers. The year starts with the snowdrops; quiet and unassuming, braving the cold and acting as the warm-up act for the bigger show to follow. One day a bit later you notice something yellow, the first brave primrose. And then suddenly all the roadside verges, footpaths and field edges are bursting with flowers of so many varieties. I was driving home last week and I just had to stop the car and take a closer look at all the flowers. Luckily I had my camera so I could share this Magic Moment with you - isn't it stunning?

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