Flour +Water +Salt = Sourdough

Flour +Water +Salt = Sourdough I started to make my own sourdough bread regularly a couple of years ago, and it's become second nature to make a loaf. It sounds complicated and let's be honest a bit of a faff, but really it's not - in fact I think it's easier and involves less effort than making regular bread. And there's no kneading involved. However this year, up until now I'd lost my bread making mojo, which I'm putting down to the trouble I've had with my split tooth. Thankfully that's now repaired and I'm enjoying eating proper bread again. I've decided to share my sourdough bread recipe partly as a record for me and partly to show you just how easy it is. It's the kind of recipe that I usually do from memory, but as I'd not been making it quite so regularly I found myself having to check on the quantities, so where better than to record it than here!

The ingredients you'll need are:

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