Flashback//Darya Goes To Perth

Flashback//Darya Goes To Perth

The Perth Experience early December 2012 - Darya's second flight at 14months plus

It was a pretty random decision. A girlfriend suggested Perth and I immediately go WHY NOT. After-all your Aby was based in Taiwan during that period and I need to quit feeling sorry for myself har har. This time round we got smarter. Titbits packed.

If anyone followed my other defunct blog on Tumblr, I mentioned that Darya was born a high need fussy baby. We thought she had colic but the PD said congratulations, that is her character.

So yes, I know i was only putting myself in a tougher challenge by flying with her for 5hours plus. AND on top of that, she has just learned to walk. She doesn't want to be carried, she wants to roam free.


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