Flashback//Darya Goes To Kuala Lumpur

Flashback//Darya Goes To Kuala Lumpur


The Kuala Lumpur Experience October 2012 - Darya's first flight at 13months plus Last year October, your Aby was based in Kuala Lumpur for a few weeks. I had my random moment of HEY HO! LET'S GO VISIT ABY THERE YEY! As soon as I saw his work schedule. There was a debate on the mode of transport taken because I chose to fly instead of taking the bus. ONE I was a bloody egoistic idiot (hey gimmea break!) TWO this time round, coming from someone who boasted about being anal in organizing and planning; I lack the homework and THREE i was super confident thinking the airport is accessible to where the Aby was. No doubt the flight took only 40minutes. I didn't realize the challenges that come after touching down. My dear lunch buddy-girlfriend was PRO in anything KL. After she told me I had to take a shuttle bus and then a train and then a taxi ride to where Aby was, i gulped. I failed, this time, for being an over confident idiot.

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