Flashback Friday - Announcing the New Additon

Flashback Friday - Announcing the New Additon

Last week on Flashback Friday, we found out we were expecting again. I was about 4 - 5 weeks pregnant.

To make things official, I went to the Doctors and handed in a sample for a pregnancy test to be done. A few days later, I called for my results and they confirmed I was pregnant.

We made an appointment with my Doctor so they could date my pregnancy and give me a due date. I kept getting pains in my tummy and mentioned this to the Doctor. They told me not to worry but I was, because of our previous history.

The Doctor told me I was about 7 weeks pregnant. My due date was 6th June 2009. The baby was due 5 days after Wee Z's 2nd birthday. At least this way we'd have 6 months between Christmas and birthdays!

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