Flashback Friday - A Pregnancy Scare

I was about 7 weeks pregnant when I went to the toilet one evening and discovered I was bleeding. It was like our Honeymoon all over again. The feelings of dreaded came flooding back. I couldn't go through another miscarriage, especially since we had Wee Z and we could really understand what we would be losing. I phoned the antenatal clinic. As it was late in the evening, the early pregnancy unit was closed. Husband was on night shift so I was alone with Wee Z in the house. The bleed wasn't heavy but I was still concerned. I'd been having pains in my tummy for a few weeks.

I spoke with a midwife who tried to reassure me that it was probably something to do with implanting in my uterus and not to worry. She told me to call them if anything changed.

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