Flashback Friday - A False Alarm

Flashback Friday - A False Alarm

For Flashback Friday last week, I wrote about the relationship between Wee Z as a toddler and my baby bump. This week I'm sharing the story of my false alarm.

It was two weeks before my due date and I had arranged to get my hair done at my local hairdressers one last time before our new baby would arrive. I was having a full head of blonde highlights and a cut done. My appointment was quite early on in the day and the salon was already busy so I knew it would take a few hours to get my hair done. I couldn't wait to enjoy the peace and have my hair pampered.

I was sitting in the chair with my colour on, reading a magazine when I felt a sharp twinge in my tummy. I thought it was just the start of braxton hicks and went back to my magazine but they kept coming. Not regular enough that I was thinking about timing them but they were quite strong and kept building up and then going away.

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