Five Signs That You Might Have a Bad Relationship With Food

Five Signs That You Might Have a Bad Relationship With Food

Do you ever catch yourself doing things, food-related things, and take a step back in horror, disgusted with yourself? I do this a fair bit…probably more than is humanly reasonable, and it’s all just one part of my horrible relationship with food. Being overweight is so much more than just eating too much and not moving around enough, sometimes it can be an uncontrollable drive that removes your power to make proper decisions or listen to your body.

So, after thinking about some of my appalling behaviours, I thought I’d share some of them with you so that you too can assess whether you need to adjust your relationship with food.

1. Ordering a ‘LARGE’ no matter how hungry you are

I definitely portion with my stomach, rather than my brain, and I realised a while ago that if I’m ordering food, I always go for the largest option available, no matter how hungry I am. I think it’s some sort of inbuilt sense of panic that if I order something smaller, I might not feel full afterwards.

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