Five resolutions and how to keep them

Five resolutions and how to keep them

Best laid plans of mice and men and women and all that - yes, I'm talking resolutions. When plans and promises are made, there's a vim and vigour about making them happen... until they fall by the wayside, and get swallowed up by life, and then come the end of the year, those resolutions feel like it's Groundhog Day again.

I read this post - 4Cs, about her resolution plans by Adele over on My AA Life, where she very sensibly planned to set herself monthly resolutions, rather than the pressure of a whole year! Whether you make resolutions on the 1st of January or at another time of year (I do mine on my birthday), here are 5 resolutions and if you like them, some thoughts on how to keep them! 1. Work some exercise into your life - as we all know, gym memberships peak in January, and then we generally keep on handing over money while work and family demand late hours, and constant attention, until you pull that direct debit.

There are 3 keys to success with exercise:

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