Five reasons why I’m glad to see the summer holidays.

So I feel like I've blinked and the summer holidays are here again. Aside from that fact that I’m still reeling in shock at the realisation that as of September I’ll be mother two a class 2, aka top infants, student. I’m rather excited about the school holidays and here’s why: Bed Times Are Negotiable – Having the little man in bed by 8pm every night invariably sets the tone for the next morning. If the little man misses his curfew our morning routine is forced into a frenzied dash around the house as I simultaneously try to feed, brush and dress my sleepy child. The lucky neighbours who are up early enough can usually whiteness me frog marching my child into the car like a drill sergeant so that we make it to school on time. Our morning routine during the holidays is a lot more chilled. After all, nanny and granddad don’t mind if the little man turns up in his slippers!

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