Five Little Pumpkins Play dough

Five Little Pumpkins Play dough - Here Come the Girls I love play dough as a learning resource. I wanted to make something Halloween themed to continue our theme of learning numbers and 5 little Pumpkins seemed very apt. It’s not a song I’m that familiar with but there are lots of versions on Youtube so it is very easy to pick up.

Rosie didn’t want to go out on Sunday and I was in the same sort of mood. She said she just wanted to stay at home and play and so it seemed like a good opportunity to make some play dough.

We mixed up two colours – orange using orange food colouring, gold glitter and pumpkin pie spices and green with green food colouring and glitter. I added the numbers and a bowl of googly eyes as well as a blunt knife to make the mouths. I also brought out the number candles which are really great for using with play dough number work.

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