First gymnastics class

First gymnastics class

POD learnt to climb at an early age so much so we nicknamed her ‘Danger Dove’ for a time. Although she no longer attempts to stand on the kitchen table, she still loves to climb, has a great sense of adventure and boundless energy.

We’ve been toying with taking her to gymnastics recently and decided to give it go when we discovered somewhere near us was offering a trial session.

The room was hugely appealing, awash with bright colours and lots of apparatus. POD was almost beside herself with excitement watching it being set up.

Sitting on a fun bouncy floor, the warm-up saw the children form different shapes with their bodies and learn basic positions such as the pike and the straddle. POD didn’t pay too much attention as she was itching to try out the apparatus!

As it was our first time, we were taken round the course by a coach who explained what she was doing at each stage and supported POD throughout.

First up was the trampoline where POD enjoyed bouncing up and down with two red pom poms. Next came the trapeze...

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