First Family Holiday Abroad

First Family Holiday Abroad

First Family Holiday Abroad Booked  J was just over 18 months old when we booked our first ever family holiday abroad. We booked to go all-inclusive to Majorca and after a particularly miserable winter, were really looking forward to relaxing in the sun, sand and sea.

J had started to walk without support only recently, and was gaining in confidence with each passing day. Not to mention getting more independent and adventurous.

The Fracture About a month before we were due to fly, he was up to his usual exploits when he slipped and fell. Nothing unusual about that, you would say. Toddlers who are learning to walk do fall over a million times a day. Only that this time, J had fallen at such an angle, that he was in a lot of pain. The poor child could not even touch his foot to the ground, let alone stand up and walk.

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