First bike ride

First bike ride

POD loved chatting to the mannequins in our local cycle shop recently but she displayed great pedaling skills too. Although steering and facing forward were notably absent, she’s the proud owner of her first bicycle. We opted for one with stabilisers rather than a balance bike which she’d no doubt grow out of before we could blink.

This weekend we headed over to Alice Holt Forest so POD could try her bike out properly. Managed by the Forestry Commission, it’s always a wonderful place to visit and the smell of the pine trees is divine – we regularly visit. Although POD decided not to pedal at all at first, she enjoyed the view from her bike especially when she looked up at the trees.

Seeing a wooden fort was quite distracting and she stopped pedaling almost as soon as she’d begun. On discovering a group of boys were chasing each other around it, she sat patiently on a tree trunk waiting her turn.

Once she’d climbed to the top a couple of times, the helmet was put back in place and she was on the move again.

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