Fireworks at Stoke Park

Fireworks at Stoke Park

In November 2011 I was all set to see the fireworks at Stoke Park in Surrey. It sounded like the most incredible event. A torchlight procession from Guildford High Street up to Stoke Park followed by a firework display. I was SO excited.

It wasn’t to be though as on November 3rd I broke my wrist. We didn’t make it the following year either.

Last night we were determined POD would see her first firework display. Having decided against the torchlight procession this year we headed straight to Stoke Park.

There we were treated to a fun fair with everything you’d expect from bumper cars to a waltzer and a ghost train. Lots of lights, lots of noise and lots of people. POD had never seen anything like it so it was a lot to take in.

She had the best time spinning in a tea cup with Daddy and would have gone on again and again and again given the chance. Instead we opted for a train where she got the opportunity to drive her own carriage. It was a role she took very seriously and she didn’t want to get off!

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