Finding your way around Walt Disney World

Finding your way around Walt Disney World. Share your family days out.

Did J K Rowling get the idea for magical places being ‘unplottable’ after a visit to Disney World? I think she may have done. Despite being armed with maps and guidebooks we managed to lose our way nearly every time we drove to Walt Disney World during our recent two-week trip to Orlando. There are six separate parks there, as well as resorts, golf courses and shopping and dining areas all spread out over 43 square miles and connected by a web of roads.

On the first day of our trip the alleged 5 minute journey to Disney’s Animal Kingdom from our resort took us 40 minutes because we got so lost. Our maps only showed some of the roads and missed out many others, and we couldn’t use the Google maps app on my phone as we wanted to avoid the extortionate data roaming charges we’d incur. We put the experience down to jet lag, but the following days were no better. Under pressure in the front passenger seat, I became desperate for a map showing all of the roads in Disney World. I was after a kind of Ordnance Survey map

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