Finding your feet

Finding your feet

Ten tiny toes. Two perfectly rounded heels. A pair of truly baby-soft soles. You have found them. When I lie you down, you reach for them. They are at the end of you, they are brand new to you.

You discovered them gradually. You were lying on your back, playing with the hanging toys above your head or smiling at me when I blew you raspberries. As you gained more control over your arms and hands, you found something else to pull on. You tugged them towards you and looked. Later that day you did it again. And the next day, they were still there.

They are just like your brother’s, which means they are also more like your father’s than mine. Like your hands which you found a little while ago, they are a perfect fit for you. They look like they could only ever be yours. You are fascinated by them and I love that you have found them. Watching you watching them has made me realise again how amazing this world is for you who is seeing it for the first time.

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