Finding The Venue

Finding The Venue

This by far was the most stressful thing I have experienced for awhile.

First tip – get organised.

Initially I wanted to research everything. I think the night we decided we were going to take the financial plunge I began researching wedding photographers until 1am. -Why I thought that would be a good place to start, I have no idea.

Eventually, I started to look into venues. I already knew where we were going to have the service. But where would we have the party?

Our families have to travel quite far and after totalling up a brief guest list we realised there would be many young children. A hotel would be the best bet for everyone. Using Tripadvisor I contacted number one rated hotel in the area. I received an email back and noticed that room hire alone was £6000! Room hire. Just room hire. For £6000! I politely and swiftly declined. Although they offered a lower room hire rate, it still wasn’t low enough.

This trend followed. And my search increased in distance from the Church. We couldn’t afford to lose large amounts of money to room hire charges. That’s just dead money.

Weeks passed

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