Finding out I was pregnant with Little Miss A

Finding out I was pregnant with Little Miss A

After it had taken us so long to get pregnant the first time around, after Little Mr A was born we decided against contraception and see what nature threw at us.

After 3 years nothing had happened and I was beginning to give up hope of having a second child.

We made the move away from home in October 2011 and thoughts of a second child were put firmly to the back of our mind.

Come February 2012 and I started to feel ‘strange’.  I had gone off certain foods and just didn’t feel right.  During one dinner hour I decided to pop into the chemist on the way home for lunch and pick up a pregnancy test.  I didn’t for one second think I would be pregnant, but wanted to rule it out.

Imagine my surprise when two blue lines showed up on the test!  I was delighted that we had finally managed to fall pregnant again, however, scared that we were in a new City that we hadn’t yet really got to know.

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