Finding Bargains on eBay

Finding Bargains on eBay…. I know a lot of people have gone off eBay a little bit over the last year or so as there aren’t as many bargains on there as there used to be.  In my experience though, there’s still plenty of bargains on there – you just have to try a bit harder to find them.

I have a few ‘tricks’ that I use to find bargains and because I’m lovely (really I am), I thought I’d share them with you….

Local eBay bargains You can pick up some great bargains from sellers in your area using a site called Local Bargain Finder which searches for items near to where you live.  This not only means you don’t have to pay postage if you win but it also has the added benefit of reducing your competition for the item as a lot of sellers will only sell the item as collection only so most of the time it will only be people in your area who will be bidding against you.

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