Find out how to fight maternal and newborn tetanus

Find out how to fight maternal and newborn tetanus

“I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want…”

Like any other parent, I want my children to grow up happy and healthy. I want to see them enjoy long lives and experience the joy that can be had in living. Sadly though, not all parents get those wishes.

I learnt all about it last week when I was invited to afternoon tea with Emma Bunton, ex-Spice Girl and genuinely lovely woman. Emma supports the work that Pampers is doing with the charity UNICEF UK to eradicate maternal and newborn tetanus (MNT) in developing countries. The campaign is now in its eighth year and, if I’m totally honest, I always thought it was some sort of marketing ploy, but it really isn’t. Since 2006, Pampers has donated enough money for 300 million tetanus vaccines, helping to protect the lives of 100 million mothers and their newborns against MNT.

But, it’s clear that there’s so much still to do. Maternal and newborn tetanus kills 58,000 babies within their first month of life each year and threatens the lives of about 100 million women and their future newborns in 30 developing countries.

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