Fight Night

Fight Night

I tell her, no, she is secure, hidden from harm, mummy is here, in the next room.

'Mummy?' 'Yes, darling?' 'I'm a big girl, but I'm a little girl just now, I feel sad.' 'It's okay to feel that way - sometimes mummy feels very small too, and sad, like a tiny, crying acorn.' 'I need a hug.' 'You can have the biggest one my beautiful girl.'

There is no escape, not yet, we must sing another lullaby, hold hands again, and again. I don't mind, it's what I must do.

'Mummy?' 'Yes, darling?' 'When I go away from you, my heart stops, when I see you again my heart works.' 'Mine too. But when Mummy is away, she never stops loving you. Ever.' 'I love you Mummy.' 'I love you too.'

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