Festive Reflections

Festive Reflections « dorkymum

Christmas, like pretty much everything else, feels a lot mellower over here. Perhaps it’s because it falls mid-summer rather than mid-winter, so we’re all busy enjoying ourselves outdoors rather than clinging desperately onto the tiny glimmer of warmth and sparkle that tinsel and fairy lights can provide in the depths of a dark British winter.

Whatever the reason, this year feels like we are building a Christmas that fits our life, rather building our life around Christmas. It feels like it might be fun. Maybe even relaxing…

I really hope so. Recently I think we’ve all been feeling like our brains are being stretched in a few too many different directions at once.

New city! New job! New people! New car! New house! New neighbourhood! New currency! Exercise! Housework! Repairs! Decorating! Cooking! Unpacking! Swimming lessons! Pre-kinder! Postcards! Paperwork! Phone calls!

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