Festival Family

Festival Family

I grew up going to festivals with my family. Our family holiday each year was spent at Sidmouth Folk Festival, a week long celebration of international music and dance, as well as a lot of country dancing, finger-in-the-ear singing, and beer. I generally enjoyed it, apart from the tween years when my mates were all going to Florida, and I was headed once again to East Devon.

This particular festival was fairly pub-centric, with music and song sessions taking place in dark and smoky bars, to which we children were not allowed. In the sunshine we could lark about in the beer garden with our gang of similarly abandoned kids. In the rain, there was row upon row of children in a rainbow of cagoules, hoods up, sat miserably at benches, watching the rain dilute their bottle of coke, and make their bag of crisps soggy.

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