Felixstowe Beach

Felixstowe Beach

We spent some time this half term in Felixstowe (completely unaware that Helen, GG and the Bug from Actually Mummy were there at the same time). Going to the beach in February half term is not something that you would automatically add to the ‘things to do in half term’ list when you live as far from the coast as we do, but we have relatives up there so we headed off and once again, Felixstowe beach didn’t disappoint.

First of all we headed down to ‘Old Felixstowe’ and ‘the ferry’. The Ferry isn’t running at the moment so the prime crabbing point was freely available. Unfortunately the crabs weren’t (and who can blame them, the river was running at a mighty speed and even the lure of bacon wasn’t enough to tempt them out) – but we got to watch the gulls and the rainbows come and go – and find out that Cormorants fly in a V formation

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