Favourite free Halloween printables | Make do mum

Favourite free Halloween printables | Make do mum

Halloween seems to get bigger (and start earlier and have more supermarket aisle space devoted to it) every year. If you look beyond all the plastic tat and itchy polyester costumes there are plenty of free DIY Halloween projects that are much more fun. Here are my favourites for printing and making at home...

This paper tarantula is disconcertingly realistic looking. It's just asking to be left on someone's pillow while they sleep - mwahaha! The template is downloadable from Patrick Pasques' blog.

Halloween doesn't have to mean orange and black. These 3D stylised bright and glittery paper skulls are by LornaLove and the template is here at NZGirl.

More cute than creepy little skeleton/zombie by HowAboutOrange via the Canon printables website (read more)

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