Fatigue In Ehlers Danlos Syndrome - Cheetahs In My Shoes

Fatigue In Ehlers Danlos Syndrome - Cheetahs In My Shoes

I wrote about whether Ehlers Danlos Syndrome makes you tired back in June and decided not to call that post ‘Fatigue in Ehlers Danlos Syndrome’ as it sounded too medical. Now, three months on, I walked back from school this morning pondering what the difference is (if any) between tiredness and fatigue and realised, in our world of EDS, yes there probably is one. So instead of calling this “Does Ehlers Danlos Syndrome make you Tired? – Part 2″ I’ve gone for fatigue – as that’s the point I think we’ve reached.

This is how I see it – and it comes with the usual reminder that Ehlers Danlos Syndrome presents in so many different ways, this may or may not ring true or be applicable for you. In our odd little EDS Type III with Type IV genetic marker world, I appreciate we do not fit directly into the defined EDS boxes – despite having the diagnosis – but I think a common trait of all EDS is the level of exhaustion we all experience at some point in the day/weeks/months and years.

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