Father Christmas at the Crystal Grotto

Father Christmas at the Crystal Grotto

When we visited the follies of Painshill Park, we heard you could meet Father Christmas in the Crystal Grotto.

It’s the latest of their follies to be restored and its quite extraordinary. Stalactites hang from the ceiling and the walls sparkle with crystals. Hundreds of thousands of them were used to re-create it.

The Crystal Grotto seemed a great location for POD to meet Father Christmas for the first time. Or so we thought. POD has continually believed all Father Christmas does is fish. When we asked what else he does, her response was “nothing, he just fishes”.

Taking her views into account, we headed for the Crystal Grotto with an open mind. Painshill Park is an elegant 18th century landscape garden – described as a magical wonderland with hidden surprises.

The route to the Crystal Grotto was fabulous and specifically designed for kids. POD was delighted when she saw an elf carrying a barrow load of presents – she loved pretending to be one too. Father Christmas signs were used to show the way and POD enjoyed chatting to them. One even got a cuddle!

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